Where the AUTHENTICITY™ economy meets the COLLABORATIVE CONSUMPTION economy

User Enrollment

A certificate is a claim or assertion that is attested to by a public authority. Some claims are more substantial than others, depending upon the evidence offered to support the claim.

After a quick initial session your user will be issued a Starter Identity Certificate, which will enable them to

  • Authenticate (log in) to your site and others without having to remember a password
  • Digitally sign messages, documents, images, files — letting anyone know they came from the signer and have not been altered
  • Send/receive encrypted messages that can only be read by the recipient

The free Starter Identity Certificate may be just right for use among your users who know each other already.

We'll help you show your users that for mutual trust among people who don't already know each other, a cluster of certificates backed by more robust identity validation procedures is called for. The cluster of certificates adds Accountable Anonymity™, letting your user assert their identity without disclosing their identity. Just as your car's license plate makes you accountable for what happens on public roadways without disclosing the identity of the driver or owner, your user's certificate cluster makes them accountable to others, but nothing gets disclosed unless there's a problem for which someone produces a court order.

Identity upgrades - adding MEASURABLE RELIABILITY

When they discover what they can do with their identity certificate, your users will want a higher measure of identity validation backing up all their community's identity certificates. As a member of The Authenticity Alliance, Authenti-Share offers everything from a supplemental SMS text message validation to a "Digital Birth Certificate" enrollment session, calling for a video recording of the subject reciting an oath of identity before a notarial Attestation Officer.

The higher levels of enrollment will be part of your fee-based services. We'll work with you to choose a set of enrollment procedures and other elements of identity reliability that fit the needs of your membership.

A PKI-protected "Fortress of Privacy"

Once your user has an identity credential with measurable reliability, you can show them how it can serve as the foundation of their “privacy fortress” — we call it MOI, or My Own Information — a PKI-protected space where they control the use of information about themselves, their relationships, their lives.

It all starts with the free Starter Identity Certificate.